Are Ants More Active In Summer? Do You Need Ant Removal Services?

As soon as the sun is scorched, every living existence quenches thirst; so do ants. In the hot summer season, ants are likely to invade several households across Canada that might be a concern heading over a year long. Many people seek help towards pest control, especially for ant’s elimination onset of warmer weather. If you face an infestation in your household which is my you need ant control and removal in Vancouver, Richmond and British Columbia area.

What drives ants to prefer summer?

  • Elevated warmth: Rising heat can trigger ants to be active.
  • Food stockpiling: In terms of food storage, they seek leftover food sources.
  • Humidity: They search for inside chill and moist regions.
  • Water: Usually, anthills can survive for a while without food, but the scarcity of water can turn them fatal.
  • Reproduction and growth: Summer is the ideal time for queen ants to breed since it is the best time for their survival.

Food invites hunting ants who enter households in search of leftovers, grease spills, or other sources. They adhere to structures via cracks in the walls or bases and small gaps that commonly emerge where molding or plumbing links the foundation and have the potential to rapidly breach homes to build a colony in quest of food. If you find any such sign you need ant removal service.

Why do you need ant removal and extermination?

Ants get attracted to outdoor materials like wood piles, logs, fences, deck constructions, and indoor materials like beams, shafts, and structural timber. The district, through wood and over time, a sizable ant colony can develop tunnels that could jeopardize the whole wooden structure in vast numbers and many intricate ways. They dig big heaps that spread over the ground and harm both gardens and lawns, which consume and violently demolish plant matter, hindering their growth. They can potentially cause health hazards to individuals and animals. Many ants like the fire ant, bulldog ant, and bullet ant may carry deadly diseases from which the pharaoh ants can carry and spread pathogens like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, etc. Clostridium and Streptococcus that release toxins that might induce asthma-like disease. Several species have fangs that are potent enough to bite through human skin, but majority cannot. You can either opt for DIY to remove ants or call a pest control professional.

How to get rid of ants?

There are some smells that ants are not fond of like Chalk, Peppermint, and Lavender, Cinnamon, Garlic, Orange, Lemon, or Grape citrus fruits, Vinegar, Coffee grounds, Tea tree, Corn flour, Detergent sprays and Diatomaceous earth. Also you can go for some house plants which will block ants from invading your house like basil, marigold, lavender, mint, etc.

How can you use these smells to avoid ants?

  • Prepare a repellant mist using essential oils and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Use candles and reeds impellers.
  • Cultivate ant-repelling plants.
  • Do use your selected smell source to splatter a border of droplets.
  • Cotton balls coated in the smells kept in the corners or gaps.

Tips for ant prevention in Vancouver

Regardless of the climate, they are always unwelcomed visitors in the dwellings. Here are some tips for ant removal and extermination that need to be taken care of to avoid the outbreak.

  • Get rid of the food source
  • Routinely vacuum rugs, carpets, and floors
  • Cleanup the remains of your pet food immediately after feeding
  • Eliminate water sources around your home
  • Block gaps or cracks
  • Regular checks on houseplants and outdoor plants for infestation
  • Draw chalk lines on ants entry points
  • Keep your indoors and outdoors clean
  • Fix leaks under the sink
  • Don’t use store-bought pesticides in the kitchen since you prepare and store food there.
  • Know who to call? ASM Pest control: 604-589-5403

Why ASM Pest Control?

Insects such as ants and many can wreak havoc on your house or business. So, not only do ASM Pest control help with ants, but we also provide pest control services for other insects from invading your property for safe and hygienic living.

Effective Wasp Nest Removal – Top Tips from the Experts.

Wasps are more likely to infest your home in late summers in October. Wasps rarely sting or bite unless they are touched, disturbed, scared, or injured. Most wasps like yellow jackets, and hornets, on the other hand, are vicious and will repeatedly sting if disturbed.

While you can get rid of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets on your own, keep in mind that they can be harmful, especially in large groups, so if you’re unsure, call a professional for wasp nest removal. Naturally, if you are allergic to wasp or bee stings, you should take precautions and seek medical assistance. If you’re confident enough to handle your problem, keep reading for removal tips.

Types of Wasps 

The sting of wasps and hornets is a reason to be afraid. Many wasps can be aggressive, and their stings may cause extreme agony. Although they may have different nesting patterns, all four types of wasps are capable of infesting your house, parking, or shed, as well as other buildings.



Hornets are a big group of wasps that live in different colonies. They build their nests out of paper. They primarily reside on trees, plants, buildings and sometimes build nests near human-occupied areas such as houses, garages, and sheds. They will defend their nest with the same care as yellow jackets. They will pursue their target across long distances to sting them. They are highly aggressive and can sting multiple times, which is intolerable.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets 

Yellow jacket is wasps that live in social colonies. Their bodies are bullet-shaped, with yellow and black bands circling their abdomens. As they are attracted to human garbage, they scavenge trash cans and meals. Yellow jackets are aggressive and can sting more than once. Yellow jackets build their nests in the ground, buildings, trees, and shrubs, among others. You can find their nest in underground holes, soffits and eaves, vents, behind shutters, or wall voids within homes and buildings. The size of a nest can vary from an orange to a football. A yellow jacket colony can grow to 5,000 individuals in a single season.

Paper Wasps 

Paper Wasps

Most paper wasps are either dark brown or darker and have yellow or red spots. Paper wasps will not attack unless their nest is disturbed. Paper wasps build umbrella-like nests of paper with hexagon-shaped, open cells that are visible from the bottom. They nest in safe places, such as under gutters and eaves and attics, sheds, and shelters.

Mud Dauber Wasp

Mud daubers are wasps that develop their nests from mud, and there are many species of mud daubers like organ pipe mud daggers, blue mud daubers, black mud daubers, and yellow mud daubers. The body of a mud dauber is “thread-waist,” meaning that a long narrow section separates the abdomen and thorax. Mud daubers have clear or dark wings.

Tips for Wasp Sting Prevention 

  • Take out any food, drinks, or trash lying on the floor.
  • Avoid brightly colored clothing and scents.
  • Keep your home, garage, attic, and garbage cans clean.
  • Closed-toe shoes are best to avoid getting stepped on by hornets or wasps.
  • Don’t drink anything from a can on the street.
  • Look for wasps in the work area before using grass trimmers, lawnmowers, chain saws, and other power tools. Wasps typically bite when a person accidentally strikes a nest while mowing the grass or trimming shrubs.
  • Try to stay still until a hornet or wasp comes towards you. Avoid harassing wasps or going near them. They will be more likely to sting you if you harass them.

A Guide To Wasp Nest Removal 

  • Keep in mind that wasp killers kill on touch, so you’ll only get rid of the wasps you spray.
  • Carefully follow the instructions.
  • Put on your safety gear.
  • When spraying pesticides, don’t stand under the nest.
  • During the day, when paper wasps are constantly flying into and out of nests, do not take away an active nest of wasps.
  • When you take the nest off and inspect it the following day, see if there was any evidence of wasps activity. Wasps that were not in the nest before the spraying might be back.

If you are not able to remove pests on your own, contact ASM Pest Control.


Best Pest Control Richmond- ASM Pest Control

Everybody who lives in a home will have to deal with pests. These annoying pests or creatures will always be roaming around in your house, no matter how hard you try. Think someone is entering our home and eating your food, destroying your furniture, devices, clothes, and drinking water. All this sounds terrible and pests can be harmful too, as they can harm human lives. They are not only irritating but also a health risk. Many of them spread diseases such as rats, mice, cockroaches, and mice. They can also cause property damage which is why you require the best pest control, Richmond.

Pests are destructive insects that can cause havoc to food, vegetables, and livestock. They can have a devastating impact on human activities and even spread deadly diseases. Humans do not like many species of wasps and stingers because they bite or sting. Pests, including wasps, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, and mice, are unwanted guests in your homes for which you need the best pest control, Richmond. Other pests such as rats, as well cockroaches, wander about at night. These pests can cause property damage or spread deadly diseases.

What are the common pests found in Richmond?

Bed Bugs:

Bed Bug Control

Good night. Sleep well. Do not let bedbugs take over and bite you.” These are the last words we heard from our parents before going to bed. Bed bugs can have so many negative consequences as they are tiny, nocturnal insects that feed on blood and are known as bed bugs, and are about the same size as an apple seed. They can be itchy and unpleasant bites. Bed bug infestations can lead to anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, stress, and other health problems.

Bed bugs are challenging to detect because of their compact size and because they emerge from their hiding places at night, yet they can still be seen with the human eye. They multiply swiftly and are hard to get in hold of once they have infested. Bed bugs can be identified by their reddish-colored feces, sweet, musky odor, and bloodstains on bed covers. They hide in headboards, bed frames, inside drawers, cracks, crevices, on walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, and clothing.


Ant Control

There are approximately 10,000 species of ants that range in size between 08 and 1 inch. Omnivores, ants eat all things. While most of their lives in forests, they can become pests when they contact humans. Ants are well-known for their strength to be social, and every ant works to survive its colony. Their colony has a queen, male workers, and a female ant.

Ants are constantly looking for food, water, and a place to stay. These are the requirements that attract them to come inside. They send out some of them to look for food. The stray ant that you see so often in front of your face has a purpose. It isn’t just wandering. It emits pheromones when it finds food which alerts the other ants that the food has been found and that they should follow the lead. They are not only annoying but also a danger to your health. They can carry a range of viruses and infections, polluting our food, as they are known to crawl around the area. They can also bite without being provoked, so you need the best pest control, Richmond, to control ants.


Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are considered the dirtiest creatures on Earth. Cockroaches have earned this reputation because of their odd behavior, including living in polluted environments like sewers, cesspools, and garbage bins. Cockroaches aren’t picky eaters. They will eat any food, even rotting foods, dead animals, and garbage; as they like getting dirty, they carry many bacteria and germs with them. They are carriers of many of the most deadly diseases, such as cholera and salmonella.

Cockroaches can last for a month without food water. Also, they can stay alive for a week without their heads, only dying because they cannot drink water. Some pesticides have also proved superior on them.

Why ASM Pest Control?

Pests can destroy your life. They are not only filthy but also a threat to society. They can cause havoc on your home, steal your food, and spread disease. They are not acceptable and should be avoided.

ASM Pest Control can assist you in this. ASM Pest Control has highly trained professionals that use the most current technology. We are happy to work with you to eradicate any pests that you might have.

For more information, call us now. 604-589-5403

Is Pest Control Services In North Vancouver Important?

The pests of North Vancouver are not unknown to residents in this household. Creepy crawlers infest many homes throughout spring and summer. Even if you have taken precautions, bugs can still get into your home. The information below will help you become more aware of the problem and discover more about the pests that might uninvitedly invade your home, and help with pest control services in North Vancouver.

Even the smallest openings and holes can allow ants to enter your home and form colonies which can cause significant property damage as they chew on wood.

Infested items include food containers, pet food dishes, water bowls, and pet food dishes. The fire ant is one example of an ant species that can bite and cause allergic reactions. It will help to avoid them in an infestation because they can chew on wires and cause a risk of fire.

The most dangerous creatures to infest your house are rats and mice. You will get severe problems, and they can also inflict serious property damage or disease transmission.

You must have heard about the plague, a terrible disease. Although this is no longer true, rats and mice still carry several diseases, including Salmonellosis. The main reason for disease transmission is their urine and other waste products; they also eat items like shoes, books, and plastic, and they stay in soft objects like your shoes or books. And so you need Pest Control Services In North Vancouver.

Mice and rats also make a nuisance by making noises as they crawl through attics and hollow walls. As they build nests and increase, you can hear them scratching the walls.

Bed Bugs are another big nuisance. If you have recently stayed elsewhere or used a different mattress, bed bugs can quickly infest your bedding, clothing, and bedding material. They love blood and will often bite you. Although they aren’t dangerous, they can cause skin inflammation for a few days.

They can also be found on your comforter, blankets, and clothes. You may also find bloody patches on your bed due to their presence. Although they don’t spread any diseases, they can still be annoying. You can get rid of them by cleaning your mattress thoroughly and washing everything properly. Contact ASM Pest Control if you suspect that Bed Bugs are getting into your home. We offer Pest Control Services in North Vancouver.

In North Vancouver, ASM Pest Control offers professional pest control services. ASM Pest Control employs effective integrated pest management strategies that are made to meet your needs. Our experienced staff can deal with any pest problem, whether a bed bug or rodent living in your dormer.

Your safety and health are our top priorities when it comes to protecting your North Vancouver home, family, or business from invasive pests. We inspect your property thoroughly and recommend the best ways to prevent problems from coming back.

ASM Pest Control in North Vancouver can remove and control various pests, including bed bugs, carpenter and pharaoh beetles, cockroaches, and wasps. We will exceed your expectations in providing pest control services that are high-quality and customer satisfaction. Moles, rats, mice, and rats are just a few of the pests that could infest your North Vancouver property. Our pest control services are both humanely managed and highly effective.

Our Range Of Services in North Vancouver
Bed Bug Control
Cockroach Control
Spider Control
Ant Control
Rat & Mice Control
Bee & Wasp Removal Service
Mole and Vole Control
Silverfish Control
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Mite Control
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Millipedes And Centipedes Control

Are You Getting the Most Out of weekend parties with Pests Along?

Your home is considered to be the most peaceful place where you can chill and enjoy. So they are Until you come home to find hundreds of empty bottles and cockroaches on your dishes. Then, it seems like a nightmare! So, It is necessary to hire a pest control professional for these creepy pests like cockroaches and rodents. ASM Pest Control, Vancouver, is here to assist you.

No one likes to deal with pests and unsafe living situations when they already have enough stress from Workplace. However, we know that some pest problems can pose serious health risks, so we have put together some best practices for protecting, detecting, and exterminating them.

What To Do?
Pest prevention is one of the best things you can do to live in a pest-free home, and This is a crucial stage that many homeowners overlook, especially if they are working and have a lot to think and work on; these are some simple ways to keep bugs away.

Although we all love ordering food from our favorite restaurant, pests like cockroaches are fond of hiding in take-out containers. Take-out containers should be disposed of outside. Keep your recycling and trash bins out of the house.

Pests thrive in moist environments, so it is necessary to keep your home clean and dry. A dehumidifier will make it easier to maintain low humidity levels. Ensure that the water quantity in the pool is decreased if you have one and leaky taps are repaired. Pests won’t thrive.

Various treatment approaches have different effects on different pests. Spraying can sometimes aggravate the situation. Before attempting any DIY treatments, make sure you have a fair knowledge of what is required.

Always take the help of professionals if you are unable to identify the pest. A pest professional will be able to assist you in identifying it. In addition, your trusted pest control company will be able to provide you with clear guidance for eliminating the problem.

ASM Pest Control industry experts can help you find the right information to prevent pest infestations, minimize damage and keep your home and business pest-free in Vancouver.

Our blogs will help you learn more about how to keep your home and family safe from pests. We offer expert advice and the most current information.

How to Identify Wood Damaging Pests?

More accurate detection of wood pests is essential for reliable control. While other Pests can be annoying, wood-damaging pests are more dangerous. As their name suggests, wood-damaging insects damage wood by tunneling through it to live, in their nests, or feeds. And these destructive pests are quite sneaky. Because of this, they can create enough damage to cause costly repairs to your valuable wooden pieces and property fixtures.

There are three main irritants behind the most damaging pests.

Carpenter Bees seek wood in old trees and stumps. However, they can also target wooden houses and buildings. When they do this, their damage is obvious – and somewhat serious in the long run. Carpenter bees do not eat wood; Dig nesting tunnels. The distinctive entry hole, about the size of a fingertip, is almost perfectly round. The bees dig about 1 inch deep and then branch to create side paths for them to spawn. The connected bees stay together, and the offspring add their entry holes and nests each year. There has been great damage over the generations.

Carpenter Ants usually look for dead and rotting trees in the wild, but when homes have damp, rotting wood, carpenter ants settle down. They rarely penetrate dry, hard structures. The first sign of a wood ant attack is a large, dark ant trail leading to your home. A few ants indoors could mean feeding ants from an outdoor nest. A large number of the inside, especially near the window, signal problems. Follow the ant trail for clues about where to nest. Focus on humid areas indoors and outdoors with large dark ants around.

Unlike carpenter bees and carpenter ants, Mites eat the wood they infect. Cellulose from wood or other plants is their main food. As the name suggests, Mites live underground in the soil. They roam the ground to reach trees and rarely enter the field of view. As a result, they often go undetected until major damage is done. Often, the first sign of a termite problem is swarms of winged reproductive termites or groups of wings that they have shed and left behind. Mites nest where wood and moisture are abundant. Look for a corridor of pipes such as sand that runs along the wall or pipe that connects the earth and wood.

How can I prevent wood-damaging Pests in the future?

Preventing problems with wood-damaging pests can be very difficult. Below Mentioned are the things you can do in and around your home to prevent them:

  • Hire a professional wood-damaging pest control service from an efficient pest control service company
  • Seal cracks and all the narrow cracks and openings found in your home’s foundation, exterior walls, and spaces found around the washroom, kitchen, and utilities.
  •  You have to Repair leaky pipes, fixtures, and faucets found inside and outside your home, which are the main cause of this wood- damaging pests
  • Remove structural wood from your home and backyard that has been damaged by water.
  • Ensure that the wood you have purchased has been dried and properly stored so that it’s not damp.
  • You need to Paint exposed bare wood to help prevent wood-boring pests
  • Limit the use of old barn wood inside your home.
  • Inspect and repair all the antiques made of wood before buying and bringing them to your home and your Farm.

How do I get rid of wood-damaging Pests?

Quick and effective treatment of wood-damaging pests is essential to prevent damage to your home and property. When pests destroy wood, you can quickly stop them from destroying them. ASM Pest Control helps you protect your home from pests and disturbances so that you and your family can easily rest and return to your home enjoyment. ASM Pest Control provides Licenced and Efficient Pest Control Services in Lower Mainland B.C.

Tips for Spring Pest Prevention

Being a parent, you need your children to appreciate the things you seek. After all, the well-being of you and your children is at risk when some nuisance enters your residence. Nuisances come as pests. These unwanted visitors will not only marginalize you, but they will also pass on germs.
Fortunately, spring cleaning greatly reduces the chance of spreading rodents, cockroaches, ants, and other pests. Places of the scandalous spread of insects include basements, storage areas, toilets, and kitchens.

Here are some Tips for Spring Pest Prevention:
Visit your workplace or home to see that any section that focuses on pests can enter through. Torn entrances and window grilles should be Fixed together with free mortar around the windows and deformation on the climatic stripping.

A kitchen is a place where they get water and food. We are committed to removing crumbs and leaving fruit on the table that attracts rodents and insects. The storage space in the kitchen offsets the ideal spot for hiding pests in the cupboards. Cleaning your cabinets and shelves regularly to remove sticky debris and crumbs is a must. Cleaning and inspecting the kitchen is the best way to get rid of ants, mice, and other pests.

Pests like Silverfish and cockroaches are attracted to damp places, making your bathroom heaven. Check bathtubs, toilets, and showers for moisture problems and fix them immediately. Change and wash shower curtains regularly and clean all shelves and cabinets regularly.

The Basement is a composition of dark cracks and crevices and clutter that keeps rodents and insects at ease. Pests can pass through gaps as thin as a sheet of paper, whereas mice can pass through holes that are a quarter of the size. Clean the basement regularly and get rid of all the old newspapers, magazines, and notes. Stop using cardboard boxes and plastic containers and bags to preserve your belongings from damage caused by pests and water.

Contact ASM Pest Control to protect your home from pests. We combat all kinds of pest problems and make sure your home is free of little critters that cause clutter.

How To Keep Rodents Out This Winter Season? Tips To Learn

Cold Weather arrival also accompanies its own set of troubles besides all that cold breeze. One of the most significant problems is pests!! These pests infest our houses and make our homes or offices a little challenging to live and work in, respectively.

Rodents often seek shelter during this season to be able to survive through this entire season. Rodents, squirrels, rats & mice are a few of them to name.

Here are some tips to Keep Rats Away From Your House:

Invest in Roof Repairs
A damaged roof like broken shingles, cracks, or incomplete flashing can attract or become a pest house. Like squirrels, the rodents can chew through the attic and make a comfortable nest for themselves for the winter months. Thus, repair your roof and get rid of the pests at least from one end.

Trim those Tree Branches
Those tree branches of those climbers lead to attracting more different kinds of pets that can make a living a little uncomfortable. Keep those trees and branches trimmed, prevent hose rodents from entering your attic and ultimately infest your house.

Keep Pet Food Contained
One can say that rodents are opportunities, and they are in a constant quest for food. It can be from leftovers, uncovered fruits, and vegetables or uncontained pet food. Discourage those rodents by covering the leftover food and those pet food in an airtight container. Thus, it makes it difficult for them to gnaw on those foods.

Insulate Doors and Windows
Doors and windows must be insulated properly to ensure that the rodents do not enter the house through gaps and cracks. Therefore, protecting the home is a must. If you have a damaged window or door, get it repaired by a trustworthy professional.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of pests from your premises- Office or Home, call up ASM Pest Control.

Are mosquito repellents enough to get rid of mosquitoes?

Almost every household is flooded by mosquitoes at a certain time of the year. Where you see no other option apart from keeping your windows and doors shut throughout the day!

But, is that really the best solution? Won’t it devoid you of fresh air and making you fall sick?

On the other hand, some use mosquito repellents like sprays or coils to get rid of the mosquitoes. And, honestly, how effective are they in removing these discomforting- disease causing pests? We all have come across advertisements exhibiting that a mosquito spray effectively kills the mosquito; but do they really work?

Yes, the mosquito sprays have shown their potency in getting rid of mosquitoes. Over 50 million Americans use mosquito spray – DEET. It is used to protect oneself from mosquito bites. An estimate also says that in the past 40 years or so, the spray has been applied about a billion times. Can you believe it?

As the DEET increases the concentration of its active ingredient in itself by approximately 30 %, the effectiveness of the spray increases. Thus, it becomes more able to kill the mosquitoes or at least get rid of it.

Is mosquito spray effective?
Besides using mosquito spray at home, they are also effective on yard or lawn. However, it is best to get the services of professional pest control service providers. Their experience on removal of different pests makes them the experts and hence they offer us a mosquito-free yard for the family. They administer the pest control products in the yard or open lawn making sure that they do not harm the flora and fauna of the place.

One of the most trusted and efficient pest control service provider- ASM Pest Control has a qualified, trained, certified, and licensed team of people who remove pests of all kinds without any hassle. The efficient and hardworking team makes them one of the best pest control service provider in the area. They make use of ecological or say nature-friendly products to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Benefits of professional pest control services

Benefits of professional pest control services

Nuisances are irritating creepy pests that you can’t endure in your home. In a few occurrences, you will understand that this creepy crawlies can make stress each mortgage holder and business. Nobody will be open to living in a house that is invaded by bugs. Likewise, when you notice that you have bothered in your home, guarantee that you search for the most ideal way you can dispose of them from your home since they will in general recreate quickly.

At the point when you research, you will know a great deal of data concerning irritations control administrations, and this will have a noteworthy effect on your choice. How about we take a gander at the advantages of recruiting expert pest control services.

Spares Time
As we said before in this article when you attempt to direct this administration without anyone else, you are probably going to cause more mischief, and this cycle will be tedious. In any case, check it out and employ experts. They will deal with this errand inside the briefest time conceivable, and they will convey the normal outcomes.

Ensured Elimination of Pests
At the point when you conclude that you need the administrations of a nuisance control organization, it shows that you are now annoyed with these bugs and you need to kill them. When you get an organization that guarantees you of value bother evacuation administrations, at that point you have settled on the correct choices in light of the fact that these organizations have enough aptitudes and gear that they can use to dispose of irritations. Additionally, recall those proficient exterminators will offer you quality administrations, and you can never be left unsatisfied with their quality work.

At the point when you choose to search for help from qualified exterminators, this implies you would prefer not to see bugs in your home. When you enlist experts, you will be satisfied with the administrations they give. They will dispose of these irritations from your home, and they will instruct you additionally concerning bug control administrations.
If you are looking for professional pest control services, ASM Pest Control is the ideal place to bank on at all times and get services from experts at competitive prices.

How To Get Rid Of Stinky Bugs In Your House?

Indoor stinky bugs are really in during the fall, before winters. These marmorated bugs look for a comfortable overwintering area for the cold months. No matter how hard one tries, they find some or the other way to enter our house. Even though these bugs stink, it does not mean that they are dangerous. But, they are surely a nuisance at home. Here are some steps to get rid of them.

Do not squish them

This is the most common and immediate reaction whenever you see a bug. Your instant reaction tells you to squish it and especially if the bug is in your house already. Later, you regret and find it really disturbing due to its odor or unpleasant smell. Therefore, resist your instincts to squish those bugs on the spot.

Do not use a vacuum

Even vacuuming is not the answer too. Do not even think of trying this as your vacuum canister will stink like those stinky bugs or the entire vacuum will have an odor in it. And, if you are thinking to use a bagless vacuum, it is a bad idea. The stinky bugs will leave the disgusting smell behind, although there won’t be any residue.

Sweep them

Careful way to get rid o bugs and the smell is to sweep them with the help of a broom and a dustpan. Collect them precisely in a plastic bag and throw them out. If the temperature outside is freezing, then leaving them outside will be sufficient. The sooner you get them out of your house, the higher chances to avoid unpleasant smell.

Prevent others from coming in

Once the bugs have entered you can carry several methods. However, your first step should be to prevent entry of such odor spreading bugs. Thus, if you take the precautionary measures, you can cease their entry into your house.

  • Seal the cracks in windows, door frames, and attics.
  • Usage of door sweeps
  • Examine windows for repairs

If you are looking for the best professional services to remove pests from your house, look no further than ASM Pest Control. 

Signs Indicating the Need to Call a Pest Control Company

Have you noticed one or more signs of infestation in your home? Seeing the problem if you’re still skeptical about whether to call a Termite and Pest Control company or not. ASM pest control experts’ do a thorough inspection to fabricate custom pest control treatment plans to completely get off any type of infestation.

Many of our clients are not sure if the problem needs to be addressed with professional help. A lot of the time they make a call and quickly get away with the infestations. Identifying the early signs of an infestation can save you a lot of money and damage that they could do to your property.

Here are some signs of pests that show the need to get professional pest control.

Sign #1 – Actually See the Pests

Seeing the pests in your home is the most obvious reason to take professional help. It can be insect eggs as well as larvae. Whether they are alive or dead, it is a big problem. The bigger the number of insects you see, the more the problem is. And, out of it seeing pests during the day is a major problem.

Sign #2 –Droppings, Shed Body Parts, Etc.

When you see the evidence left behind by pests, it’s an indication that they are hiding. Insects and small rodents are good at covering. But their trails help in locating them. The droppings shed body parts, grease marks, scratches, and fur left behind are the signs of them. One needs to handle carefully if they spot droppings or urine in the room, washroom, or anywhere in the house.

Take professional help when you notice any pest infestation. It is the best way to keep your home and family safe. Do not overlook them on the floor, the back of the microwave, or on top of the cooker, as it can become a bigger problem.

Tips to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Did you wake up covered in little red bites this morning? And, when you carefully inspected, you realize its bed bug bites. Since then you might be searching online to get away with them at the earliest.

It is difficult to deal with annoying bed bugs. However, there are a number of ways to deal with it. Even though heat is considered as the best way to get away with the bed bugs but it is comparatively dangerous to increase the temperature of your house to unhuman temperatures.

But it is still important to kill those bugs and also its root cause. If you have been dealing with bed bugs for a long time and looking for ways to prevent bed bug infestations.

Read on to learn what they are and how to deal with them. However, seeking professional help from the ASM Pest Control is the safest and most effective way to get rid of bed bugs.

Reduce the Hiding Places

Bed bugs are attracted to clutter. So if things are laying around your home, it acts as hiding spots for them. A deep spring cleaning at least once a year is the best way to do so. With this you’ll also get away from the unnecessary items, dusting and vacuuming thoroughly, to each corner of the house.

Take everything Infested through the Dryer

Heat can slowly lower their numbers. Regularly washing and drying your clothes and bedding makes them go through a high heat cycle. It is a good and inexpensive trick.

But keep it on the gentle tumble setting to prevent any damage to the fragile clothing.

In the dryer, heat penetrates into the fabric with a high enough temperature to kill them. If you are not comfortable doing this, then don’t. Call an insured professional for the bugs treatment. 

Quick Tips for Homeowners to Get Rid of House Flies

Does the humming of flies end up being very bothering and disturbing? In addition to the fact that they create a nuisance, they even spread germs in the house. A long time before you call an expert vermin control or a reliable vendor like ASM Pest Control to assist you with disposing of houseflies, you should attempt to utilize handcrafted or specific techniques.

Tips to get rid of House Flies

You will be amazed to realize that there are numerous excellent ways to dispose of flies at home and these techniques don’t include the utilization of any synthetic substances. Below next are the absolute best tips that every homeowner must adopt to get rid of flies easily.


There are different sorts of repellents you can make to fend flies off and one of them includes the use of lavender oil. For this you need 1 cup of lavender oil, a tin can with top and a piece of cloth. You should simply to plunge fabric into lavender oil and keep it in the tin with the top secured for 24 hours. Open the cover and you have your own normal flies repellent prepared. Some different oils you can use for this reason incorporate lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus and so on.


This is one of the most beneficial regular strategies to dispose of flies at home. For this you have to cut 2 lemons in equal parts and afterward jab 4-5 cloves in every half so that the bud stays outside the lemon. Organize these lemons on a plate and spot it at a center point with the goal that all the flies in the house smell the fragrance and are pursued away.


Another unimaginable method to dispose of flies at home is to fill a plastic sack with water and spot it at the passageway of entryways and windows from where flies can come inside the home. Noticing the plastic water pack, the flies won’t enter the entryway or the window and you can get a characteristic fly repellent of your own. The sack must be filled a large portion of the pack and it must be made sure about appropriately with the intention that water doesn’t spill.


There are many fly snare related items obtainable in the market yet you can likewise make one at home. For this all you require is a glass container with a cover and some apple juice vinegar. Take the container and fill it with apple juice vinegar. Make a few openings in the cover with the intention that the fragrance can spread and the flies attempt to enter the container. It is more forward to warm the apple juice vinegar before placing it in the glass container as this discharges all the smells.

Want to know more quick tips or avail flies control services? Connect with ASM Pest Control today!

Different Ways of Controlling Pests

We all have heard about Pests and Pest Control. Pest control is the way of controlling or removing pests from in or around our living or working area. These pests can range from bed bugs to moths and fleas, from ants to cockroaches, from bees and wasps to spiders, and even the underground dwellers such as rodents and moles. Even though there is the difference of just one letter between Pets and Pests, the latter causes a lot of trouble to us human beings in particular. The troubles they cause are sometimes disgusting, and at others, they cause damage to some of our property due to which Pest Control is becoming necessary.

Pest Control methods can be categorized into the following four types

  • Hygienic Pest Control
  • Biological Pest Control
  • Physical Pest Control
  • Chemical Pest Control
    • Insecticides
    • Rodenticides
    • Fogging
    • Fumigation
    • Heat treatment

Hygienic Pest Control.

This is the easiest way to keep the pests in check. Hygienic Pest control starts with our own selves changing some of our habits. As an example, we must keep our surroundings clean, throw the garbage into a bin, wash the dishes soon after our meals, keep the food stored in airtight containers, and avoid any kind of cracks in the rooftop or in the walls. Cleanliness takes care of a number of pests but not all are so easily handled. They are handled using other ways and methods.

Biological Pest Control.

This is another kind of Natural Pest Control as no chemicals or pesticides are involved in this method. Natural Predators are one such example of Biological Pest Control in which one Pest is introduced into a locality to finish off another one. This, however, can have negative effects as well. Sometimes the gardeners to ward off the pests use certain helpful Microorganisms. When these Microorganisms have a positive relationship with a plant they help in protecting it from all kinds of deterring pests.

Physical Pest Control

Physical pest control strategies rely on both insect and rodent pest detection, killing, and elimination. Some of the methods that fall under the Physical Pest Control category include

1) Disposal of breeding grounds. Any place that the pests can hide in and where there is food available for them to be used during breeding must be destroyed to disable the pests for taking any kind of destructive action. Keeping the surroundings clean, dry, and warm is the best way to do so.

2) Poisons. Sometimes poisonous food items are used as bait to trap the pests such as rodents. These come in the form of jelly’s or in granules also. It is must that while using these poisons to trap and eliminate the pests, the poison should not be in reach of any kids.

3) Trap Cropping. In this method, an extra crop that can attract the pests is planted. However, one must consider the scale of the crop as it has been found that the pests are capable of avoiding such a trap and it suits only small scale farming only.

4) Traps. We have known traps as a very common way of controlling pests (rodents more often). However, these traps must be placed in areas that have a great traffic of pests. Though the method is bound to succeed, a downside to the method is that the caught pests need to be removed from the traps now and then.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pesticides are the most effective and commonly used methods of pest control. Because of their effectiveness, many forms of pesticide are available for tackling rodent and insect infestations. Various forms of Chemical Pest Control are:

  1. Insecticides. Insecticides are meant to ward off insects such as bees and flies and cockroaches. While all insecticides may come in the form of granules or spray, each one of them have their own capability to exterminate a specific type of pest. While granular insecticides are best suited to ant-like insects / creatures which dwell in hard-to-reach locations and scavenge for food, spray-like insecticides target the flying category such as bees and wasps
  2. Rodenticides. These are targeted specifically to rodents and are more poisonous than any other pesticides. The reason is, rodents have a high sense of caution when they go in search of food. Sometimes these rodenticides are used even for mammals such as cats and dogs.
  3. Fogging. Another solution against adult flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths or flying ants is the fogging pest control. This method is applied through the infested areas using a special ULV fogging machine. It is called ULV (ultra low volume), because it spreads very small amounts of insecticides.
  4. Fumigation. This is the last resort when none others work. During fumigation, the infected area is sealed and a very strong pesticide will be sprayed into the said area. Before getting back into the fumigated area, you must air the property for at least 24 hours.

Summarizing it

Armed with the just presented information, users will be able to tackle small pests on their own. However, this might not be the case when bigger areas and serious pests are a consideration. The types of pesticides and their removal methods can help you know what type of service you want. Go through the text and decide by you’re the pest control method you will like to use.

Keep Your Home Free From Pests This Winter!

With winters on the door, everyone heads to the indoors to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace. Not only humans, pests and other creatures also need comfort and warmth to survive the cold weather and often end up infesting the residential premises. Since pests are disease carriers and harmful to some extent, it’s advised to get them removed as soon as possible.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep insects out of your home:

1. Store Food in Plastic Containers

If you’ve got food or other edible objects lying around your house, take them out of whatever cardboard or paper containers they came in, and store them in plastic ones instead. Plastic is not only tougher to chew through and live in, but the right kinds will also help your food retain its freshness for longer periods of time.

2. Seal your Garbage Bins

Garbage bins and trash bags are a treasure trove pests and wild animals like the raccoon and rats, which often tear into piles of garbage left outside to pick food. Discourage such behavior by storing your garbage in air tight garbage bins and keep the trash bags in sealed garbage cans.

3. Install Mesh Screens

If you live in a home that uses mesh screens on windows and doors, ensure that they’re structurally sound and well maintained, meaning, no holes, tears, or gaps. This will prevent pests from crawling into your home through windows while ensuring your home gets the ventilation it needs.

4. Seal the Wall Cracks

Seal up any cracks, gaps, or holes in the walls outside your house. Even holes as small as a quarter are big enough for mice to get through, and more than big enough to allow insects like roaches and termites to get in. You can seal small cracks with caulk, but for larger ones you should get a contractor to assess and repair the damage.

5. Keep your house clean

Cluttered homes are the perfect homes for pests. The more furniture, junk, and trash, and other assorted goods just lying around your house, the more hiding spaces for bugs and small animals there are. Keeping things neat not only improves the look and feel of your home, but also serves to reduce the number of potential hiding spots, forcing pests to look elsewhere for lodging.

Call a professional right away

The best thing about these tips is that they work all year round, not just winter, and they’re quite easy to follow. If done correctly, you’ll never have a problem with pests.

If you’re still having problems despite following the above steps, contact us and we’ll help solve your problem.