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Fleas might be irritating for some people, but very few know that it can pose a huge threat to your health and for your pets. They are a major cause to face issues of bite anemia, allergy rashes or internal parasites for your dogs and cats. People, particularly youngsters, are occasionally exposed to the parasites through contact with flea-infested dogs. Interrupting the flea life cycle is the most effective flea control method for your house and pet.

Fleas can also be found in worn rugs and furniture, as well as in visiting animals. Adult fleas leap onto a new host from an affected animal or from regions where an infested animal is resting. Moist and shaded soil in a yard in warm weather is appealing to both fleas and their hosts. An adult flea burrows to the skin of a pet, bites the animal for a good blood meal, and then settles in to breed.

It is important to understand the lifecycle of the flea in terms of developing proper strategies for managing these pests. If we talk about the signs of flea infestation, it includes your pets scratching them all the time or chewing their skin. Close inspection will reveal little black adult fleas crawling in your pet’s fur.

Professional Fleas Control and Removal

Fleas are small pests that most often infect homes with pets, such as cats or dogs. Hard to spot, these bloodsuckers are responsible for damaging the health of your beloved pet.

Fleas are frequently and commonly found in homes

They are parasites, who feed on blood from a host. They are 2.5 mm long and wingless, with sparkly, ruddy earthy colored bodies shrouded in infinitesimal hair.

Fleas Control in Lower Mainland

Are Fleas Harmful?

Fleas are ordinarily the reason for shallow skin aggravations and dermatitis. They cause a condition called insect hypersensitivity dermatitis (FAD) which can prompt red, aroused, bothersome patches. They can likewise be vectors for more genuine illnesses and parasites, including the microorganisms that cause typhus and bubonic plague.

What To Do?

Sanitation of the home is the first stage in the flea elimination process. Flea control in Lower Mainland recommend that the entire house be completely cleansed and vacuumed prior to elimination. However, this might be a difficult process, so bear in mind that heavy traffic areas should be prioritized. Carpeting, flooring, furniture, pet bedding, and other low-lying places in your home are especially vulnerable to flea infestations. Vacuuming eliminates leftover adult fleas and causes flea pupae to break from their cocoons, exposing them to flea removal therapy.

After the treatment is finished, you will be expected to vacuum floors and carpets daily for 2-3 weeks to help control a possible flea population revival. This is a regular occurrence that occurs when eggs that have not previously been treated with the poison hatch and proceed through their usual life cycle. They will, however, be unable to breed due to their exposure to residual pesticides and will most likely die within days. Remember that complete flea eradication might take up to 4 weeks, so be patient.

If any of your pet is infected by the attack of fleas, you should immediately take them to veterinarian. Flea removal is never effective until and unless they are not completely eliminated from your pets as well. Get in touch with your veterinarian to learn about the best flea eradication therapy for your pet.

Disposing of fleas can be stimulating and disappointing. To dispose of these pests you need to look for treatment for your pervaded pets, vacuum and clean all bug invaded regions of your home or business, and look for treatment by our experts in the ASM Pest control organization.

What Can You Expect From ASM Pest Control ?

No matter how worst the infection is, our experienced pest control experts fully knows how to handle it properly. We recommend you to contact ASM Pest Control as we can treat your fleas problem using the most effective and safe method.

Once you’ve determined that your pet has fleas, you must take thorough flea removal and eradication methods to eliminate the fleas from your house and your pet. Flea removal is described by ASM Pest Control Technology professionals as a three-step approach that includes sanitation, eradication, and veterinarian treatment.

Different types of flea control treatments are available in market, but as if you are not having proper knowledge, it is not suitable to experiment with DIY methods. Contact the experts who have better knowledge in eliminating these pests on permanent basis without harming you and your pets.

ASM Pest Services can assist you if you are fighting a flea infestation. Our services protect you from a plethora of pests, including fleas, all year long! With seasonal treatments intended to address specific pest problems, our highly trained team of specialists has the expertise, equipment, and experience to handle any pest problem.

Pest Control in Lower Mainland

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As a reputable provider of pest removal services, we at ASM Pest Control cover the basic needs and demands of all our clients. Because of this, they assess the area and determine which pests have infected it before using any technique. Their ability to deliver a pest-free environment at home, business, or the factory stems from their thorough attention to detail.

Call us at ASM Pest Control where our experts will help to locate and accurately identify the pests presence. This way, they can provide you with a range of control alternatives for any new infestation issue.

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