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Are you searching for the best pest control and removal service in your area? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We aim to provide the best pest control services to residential homes, businesses, industrial and commercial buildings. Our company fully understands the importance of stopping severe pest infestations before they start damaging your valuables. Our team will stay by your side by offering you services for all of your different pest control needs and developing permanent, friendly solutions. For us, winning our customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Our Mission

At ASM Pest Control, we understand the inconvenience and stress that unwanted pests can bring. With our clients being our utmost priority, our mission is to exterminate pest issues at any time. Day or night, you can rely on us to provide an effective and long-term solution that is convenient for you and your family. At ASM Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to support you with any issue, as we eliminate both your pests and stress!

Residential Pest Exterminators

An infestation means your home is not the haven it once was. Pests can detrimentally affect the things you value most and create stress within your family. Many pests like ticks, fleas and rodents carry unwanted diseases and contaminate surfaces. These diseases can severely harm your family’s physical health. Additionally, the presence of these unsightly pests can impact the mental health of those you care about most. Many websites offer “do it yourself” solutions; however, without immediate expert intervention the reality is, your property may suffer extensive damage. During an infestation, wiring, insulation and even flooring may become destroyed. This destruction can be caused by a variety of bugs and rodents. The external foundation of your home can also be damaged, which in turn can result in new pest related issues in the future.

When an infestation occurs, finding experts with availability, pest-specific knowledge, safe products, and appropriate pricing can be daunting, time consuming and stressful. That is why our team is here to help your family get back to normalcy and feel safe again.

Commercial Pest Control and Removal

It can be extremely difficult to find pest specialists who focus on infestations within commercial spaces. Eliminating pests within a commercial property can come with a unique set of challenges, as client safety must be taken into concern. Additionally, these spaces may be larger or contain unique items.

Our experts have years of experience in quickly, effectively, and safely handling large scale infestations within all sorts of commercial spaces. Whether you own a space containing food, like a restaurant, a daycare filled with vulnerable children, or any other form of space we can help. You can rely on us to safely, and efficiently complete the toughest of jobs. Whether you require assistance up high, or in tight spaces, our technicians can eliminate pests so your business can get back on track!

Who we are

Our company employs qualified pest exterminators with years of expertise in pest removal, control, and maintenance. Our certified technicians can rectify any issue, quickly and at any time of day. Whether you’re dealing with small seasonal nuisances like wasps and ants, resilient pests like cockroaches and bed bugs or pesky rodents like mice, rats, or voles our experts can help!

We use individualized approaches, the latest, proven technology, and tools, as well as eco-friendly products our specialized approach allows us to ensure that your pest issues are resolved and remain a problem of the past. This way, you can quickly resume your normal routine. Our individualized pest-management plans are based on thorough and accurate inspections. By evaluating both the interior and exterior of your space, we can discover and target areas of concern. We will then develop strategies specific to your unique issue. Our high-quality inspections will not only allow us to provide you with immediate results, but also prevent you from experiencing future pest issues. Additionally, our services will resolve your pest concerns while being safe for you, your family, any pets, your clients, and the environment.

Areas We Service at ASM Pest Control and Removal

Our company services most cities within Greater Vancouver including, but not limited to the Fraser Valley (Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford and Chilliwack), the Tri-cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam), as well as, Pitt Meadows, Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Cloverdale, Delta, Mission, Burnaby, Maple Ridge. Contact one of our dedicated technicians today!

Bed Bug Control

ASM Pest Control provides expert solutions for a pest-free home. With our dependable services, say goodbye to concerns over bed bugs.

Rodents Control

ASM Pest Control is entirely licensed and offers free quotes and round-the-clock customer service. Don’t let the rodents negatively impact your life.

Ant Control

For a prompt and trustworthy solution to your ant infestation, call us right now and speak to one of our expert technicians.

Spider Control

Contact ASM Pest Control to keep spiders away from your property. With years of experience, our spider control crew can remove any spider.

Cockroach Control

We use technique that are specialized for cockroach removal and use methods that are effective for people and the environment. Call ASM Pest Control for the removal of cockroaches in the safest manner.

Bee & Wasp Removal

Leave wasp and bee issues to ASM Pest Control. Contact our expert if you discover wasps, bees, nests that need to be removed.

Mole Control

Our experienced mole and vole control specialist provides efficient solutions for dealing with mole and vole infestations.

Fleas Control

Are you tired of being bitten by fleas? ASM Pest Control offers all the flea control treatments you need to reclaim your house from these minuscule parasites.

Silverfish Control

ASM Pest Control uses the latest techniques to remove silverfish infestations. This particular pest is easy to get rid of with our specialized team.

Carpet Beetle Control

Are you facing carpet beetle infestation? With our highly experienced team, you can quickly get rid of carpet beetles on your property! Speak with our team right now.

Moth Control

Moths can seriously harm fabric and apparel in residences and commercial spaces. Make ASM Pest Control your go-to company for moth eradication in your area.

Flies Control

Do you need a fly control exterminator? Please give us a call. Using our services, you can protect your family’s health and stop harm to your house.

Mite Control And Extermination In Lower Mainland

A mite in your house can be a real nuisance if not treated properly. But why worry when ASM Pest Control is available for you right here?

Ladybugs & Sowbugs Control

Typically, ladybugs and sow bugs are located in the warmer areas of your property. Our company offers the finest defense against these bugs.

Millipedes & Centipedes Control

The most common types of pests are centipedes and millipedes. The skilled staff at ASM Pest Control can quickly identify the type and offer the most rapid remedy.

Pest Extermination Services

Is there a bug problem at your residential, commercial, or industrial property? A pest-free property is just a phone call away. We’ll put a stop to any unwanted pest to on your property. When you use ASM Pest Control Services, you can be assured that your health and the health of the environment will come first. We serve the whole Tri Cities, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and we’re available at any hour. Your solution to all your pest problems in your home or business is just a phone call away.

Same Day Pest Removal Services For Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties

If you are in the Lower Mainland and looking for a licensed pest exterminator, your search can now be considered complete. By knocking on the door of ASM Pest Control, you will see that you have made the best choice for yourself in choosing experienced exterminators. With massive experience in integrated pest control, we are happy to share long-lasting and permanent results. Our services cater to the commercial, residential, and industrial levels. Not just the elimination, but we will also teach you how to prevent future infestations.

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Pest Control

Same Day Pest Control Services

Our services cater to the commercial, residential, and industrial levels. Not just the elimination, but we will also teach you how to prevent future infestations.

Pest Control

Why Choose ASM Pest Control

License Pest Control


We are legally certified by the Government as well as WorkSafe BC. We are also 100% covered, bonded, and insured.

Experienced Pest Control


Our team of Certified Pest Control Experts has years of experience and will do the task in an accurate manner thanks to their expertise.

Effective Pest Control


The outcomes are successful regardless of the method we adopt.

Affordable Pest Control


Our pest control services are among the most reasonably priced in the area.

Need help with pest infestations? ASM Pest Control is ready to help!

Eco Friendly Choice
Eco Friendly Choice

Insecticides, chemicals, and methods that could potentially cause harm to the environment, people or their belongings are strictly avoided at ASM Pest Control Services.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Pest Control
Industrial, residential, commercial

We have reliable pest control services for handling all sorts of commercial, industrial, and residential properties. The team of skilled and knowledgeable specialists at ASM Pest Control provide services throughout the region areas of Lower Mainland.

10% Discount for Seniors
10% discount for seniors

10% off is available to seniors at ASM Pest Control. We will never attempt to upsell you on needless services or treatments, and we will always treat your property with the care it deserves.


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Pest Control in Lower Mainland

Pest Control in Lower Mainland Service Areas

An enormous amount of distress can result from pest issues. We, therefore, act quickly to address the issue. Our staff will work around your schedule to implement solutions that address your pest problem as rapidly and effectively as feasible. We provide the most effective and efficient pest control services because our staff consistently stays current on the newest methods.

Expensive pest control doesn’t have to be the only option. Our services are incredibly efficient and reasonably priced, and we employ the most innovative technology and methodologies. There are never any unpleasant surprises or hidden fees because ASM Pest Control always offers honest and open pricing.

Pest Control in Lower Mainland Service Areas

In the Lower Mainland area, ASM Pest Control stands out as a top choice for pest elimination. We’re pleased to offer comprehensive pest control solutions for a wide variety of pests, including ants, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more, to clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Professional Pest Control Service

People prefer to avoid having bugs in their house or place of work. Therefore, they should have a reputable pest control firm to handle their requirements. We are ready to assist our clients in whatever manner we can in areas like the Lower MainlandTri Cities and Fraser Valley. We at ASM Pest Control would like to include you on our list of happy clients by ensuring your pest control services are completed to your standards. Contact us and we will treat your house and property as if they were our own.