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Pest Control in Abbotsford

Do pests make your life more stressful? Don’t worry! ASM Pest Control is the most reliable company in Abbotsford, and it provides you with permanent solutions against pest attacks. Usually, pests and insects hide in the cracks and crevices from where it is not easy to exterminate until and unless you don’t opt for professional help. However, they cannot escape from our trained, skilled, and experienced pest control professionals. Our major areas of expertise are residential, industrial and commercial properties. All of our methods are eco-friendly; hence, they show results that are safe for human health, property and pets. We strive to provide our customers with a healthy, happy home or workplace and provide the best pest control services.

Offering efficient pest removal services under specialized team

Our highly skilled, locally owned company provides rat control, bed bug control, cockroach control, ant removal, spider control, bee & wasp removal, and mole & vole exterminator services. We employ the latest technology and equipment with advanced methodologies to provide the most efficient home and commercial pest eradication services. ASM Pest Control staff is licensed, highly experienced, talented, and meticulous in addressing infestations. We are always on the go, so all you have to do is call us, and we’ll be there to help you with your pest control needs.

Working process: How do we deliver the services?

When offering pest control and removal services to clients, our highly-trained pest control staff adheres to a four-stage methodology which we have designed with the utmost expertise and commitment. The whole process is based on four steps which includes:


To select the most efficient and quick pest control treatment, our specialists will first visit your home or business to identify the type of pest and the overall extent of the infestation.


Pest Solution/Treatment:

After that, our technicians will apply the suitable pest control treatments to eliminate any pests in your home or even your place of business. Depending on the type of pest and the extent of the infestation, we provide our clients with reliable same-day emergency treatments.



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At this stage, we will close all pest entry sites to prevent further incursions. To protect your assets, we’ll also provide you with practical methods and advice on preventing pest infestations.

Bed Bug Control

Our pest control experts utilize eco-friendly techniques that are effective in reducing bed bug population and future infestations.

Rodents Control

We employ efficient and workable strategies for trapping and eliminating rodents, be they rats or mice.

Ant Control

In order to stop them from continuously invading your kitchen or yard, we will get rid of the bothersome ants and lower their population.

Spider Control

Our spider removal approach is intended to be effective in getting rid of these unwanted and unpleasant insects over the long run.

Cockroach Control

We eradicate every roach on the property since we know how much damage it can give to your valued property.

Bee & Wasp Removal

Our pest control specialists can fully eliminate wasps and bees from your yard in the efficient manner by using reliable techniques.

Mole Control

We will provide you with immediate and same-day service while we take care of your mole concerns immediately and on the same day.

Fleas Control

Fleas consume their hosts’ blood as food. Despite being hard to see, these bloodsucking parasites are to blame for the illness that they have given your beloved pets.

Silverfish Control

We are here to offer an efficient silverfish management solution that will give you the necessary peace of mind.

Carpet Beetle Control

The bulk of problems that occur in stockrooms is caused by carpet beetles. They are the members of the insect family called dermestids. Our company will help in the process of controlling them.

Moth Control

Moths, despite appearing to be small, can seriously injure objects that have been stored, including clothing, supplies, and other items.

Flies Control

The most common pest found inside homes are flies, and their presence can significantly disturb your peace of mind. The best remedies for the problems brought on by house flies are provided by our company.

Mite Control And Extermination In Lower Mainland

Mites, which are pests with sizes ranging from 6 to 20 millimeters, can quickly cause havoc in your house. The extermination of these unwanted animals is one of our major Services.

Ladybugs & Sowbugs Control

Ladybugs and sow bugs are often found in the warmer regions around your home, especially during the colder months. ASM Pest Control may offer the best protection against these annoyance-causing insects.

Millipedes & Centipedes Control

The most diverse group of pests are millipedes and centipedes. Our knowledgeable team of experts can rapidly identify the species and suggest the fastest course of action.

Use of advanced technologies for commercial & residential clients

Do you think our pest control services are just meant for residential clients? Don’t worry; we also cater to you the best in the commercial areas. We completely know that horrible pests are attacking your house property. They can equally be part of your business areas as well; this is when our specialized team comes to your rescue. They know how to deal with the pests hiding in the corners of the office tables or making their houses on the ceiling top. Just trust our process and see what magical results our team will provide you, per our promise.

Benefits Of Choosing ASM Pest Control

  • Decades of experience
  • Use of non-toxic and eco-friendly products
  • Same day service Provided
  • Team of trained, skilled, licensed pest removal professionals
  • Fair and competitive pricing structure
  • Government Licensed, Certified, WorkSafe covered, bonded and insured

Need help with pest infestations? ASM Pest Control is ready to help!

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Eco Friendly Choice
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How ASM Pest Control Helps You?

As we aim to provide a healthy home and working environment, we ensure to free your environment from pests with the use of techniques as desired without any hassle. Over the years, we built up a team of the best pest control or removal specialists in Abbotsford. They are all licensed, insured, and trained to be ready for any kind of client requirements. As each client is unique, they require a customized solution for their premises. Thus, with our excellent quality of work, we aim for customer satisfaction.

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Pest Control

How ASM Pest Control Helps You?

As we aim to provide a healthy home and working environment, we protect your environment from pests using techniques as desired without any hassle.

Pest Control

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