Nobody likes the little, cunning bed bugs in their houses. They are roughly the size and form of an apple seed, measuring five to seven millimeters in length. These brown, oval-shaped insects are known for their painful, red skin bites. They may also result in other health issues like anaemia and sleeplessness. However, what lures bed bugs into our houses? Let’s examine bed bug attraction factors and preventative bed bug control Maple Ridge measures. Bed bug bites can cause discomfort because bed bugs are drawn to soiled clothing and feed on human blood. In this article, we’ll learn the causes of these pests in our lives and ways to keep them out of our places.

Bed bug control Maple Ridge: Main causes of getting bed bugs

The bodies of bed bugs are oval in shape and flat. Thus, they resemble little, reddish-brown insects. Their bodies can swell and lengthen after feeding, and they are usually approximately the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs are drawn to two things: body heat and carbon dioxide. Research has shown that bed bugs have poor vision. Some scientists even speculate that they may be blind altogether. For this reason, they rely on their ability to smell and the breath of their hosts to locate humans. Bed bugs compensate for poor vision with an inbuilt tracking system since they must breathe to survive.

Bed bugs prefer to emerge at night and settle into comfortable areas close to where people sleep. In this manner, they can feast on warm-blooded hosts while they sleep. These intelligent creatures can adjust to our sleeping habits. They build their nests in obscure locations near beds where people sleep. This includes under-nightstands, mattresses, and small wall gaps beside beds. They enter your house completely in this manner to start a bed bug infestation, after which it will be compulsory to hire pest control Maple Ridge.

Which scents draw bed bugs in?

The prominent smells that draw bed bugs in are those connected to carbon dioxide, body heat, and human skin. They use body heat, particularly chemicals found on human skin. This will include pheromones, sweat, and carbon dioxide produced during respiration to locate their hosts. Unlike the rest of the pests, bed bugs are not attracted to any sweet or fruity aroma. Therefore, there is no need to worry about removing any scented candles, essential oils, or even pillow sprays.

Are bed bugs causing due to poor hygiene?

No, improper hygiene is not the only factor linked to bed bugs. Even the cleanest environments in Maple Ridge can become infested by bed bugs; they are equal opportunity pests. It is not the cleanliness of the surroundings but the presence of hosts (people or animals) for blood meals that draws them in. Although waste and clutter might give bed bugs places to hide, they can survive in messy and well-kept environments. Infestations of bed bugs are not as much a reflection of personal hygiene as they are of travel, old furniture, or other circumstances that bring them into a residence.

Since I haven’t travelled anywhere, how did I get bed bugs?

Bed bugs can quickly enter your home through various ways you are unaware of. They are very expert at hitchhiking. Used furniture, especially upholstered pieces, and luggage that has come into touch with bed bugs in hotels or other contaminated regions are common causes of bed bug infestations. Additionally, clothing, backpacks, or other possessions that have been contaminated areas can spread bed bugs. Because they are hardy pests, they can go for several months without food. This allows them to hide until they come out.

What helps you to keep bed bugs away?

Many preventive steps are necessary for successful bed bug removal in Maple Ridge. These include regularly keeping living areas clean and organized, utilizing mattress and box spring covers to catch bed bugs, and maintaining proper hygiene. Reducing the number of places where bed bugs could enter, like cracks and fissures in walls and furniture, can also help keep them out. However, some people advise using natural repellents. This will include specific smells; their ability to ward off bed bugs could be more vital. Complete, efficient avoidance usually requires professional pest control procedures.

What should you do if the bed you slept on had bugs?

To reduce the chance of bringing bed bugs home, take quick action if you’ve slept in a bed with them or fear you have. Leave your bags and everything that might be contaminated outdoors or in the infected location’s lavatory. By doing this, bed bugs are kept from moving to new places. Check your bags, backpack and luggage carefully for evidence of bed bugs. Get rid of any visible bugs or eggs with a hoover.

Look for shed skins, small black faecal stains, and tiny reddish-brown bugs along the seams of your mattress, furniture, and surrounding surroundings. If you have any suspicions that bed bugs may have made their way into your house, think about scheduling an inspection with a pest control expert. Check your living area for any indications of bed bugs as soon as you get back home. If you are suspicious about having bed bugs in your house, immediately schedule an inspection appointment with a company for proper identification.

Specialized treatments to eliminate bedbugs permanently with us!

Bed bug exterminator in Maple Ridge knows these pests’ adaptability and potential resistance to specific pesticides. An expert in pest control will examine your home. They assess the level of infestation and develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs for bed bugs.

You don’t have to take on bed insect taming alone. ASM Pest Control always has qualified technicians available to assist you in keeping your house secure. For practical, specialized treatments that can help get rid of bed bugs where they dwell and breed, get in touch with us right now.

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