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Mites are 6mm to 20mm in size. They have two different colours, white and dark brown. Mites have short, soft bodies with straight antennae and straight bellies. They do not have a tight waists like ants.

There are more than 2000 different types of mites around the world. Mites live in the state and have a social status similar to that of Ants. They have to live in warm, sticky conditions because their province tends to disappear. In Canada, mites regularly return to ice lines and find their way into homes and underground buildings.

Mite Control Services are difficult to see with the human eye due to their minute size. Infested building residents may see small, moving spots on walls, curtains, and window shades, but final identification is hard without a closer inspection. The presence of crimson stains on carpets, drapes, open documents, or other light-colored surfaces indicates the presence of a clover mite infestation. Because clover mites die soon after infecting a residence, occupants may not detect any evidence of infestation until the problem has subsided.

Mites are found on grassy lawns and migrate through them. They get access to dwellings by using the grass that rubs up against the external walls as a cover. As a result, the most efficient method of prevention is to cut down all plants around the house and leave a 50 to 60 cm dirt perimeter. It is permitted to grow flowers to improve the appearance of the soil perimeter as long as a fair distance is maintained between the lawn’s edge and the plants. Mites derive their nutrition by sucking nutrients from lawn grasses, clover, dandelion, decorative flowers, and other plants. Parthenogenesis is the process through which mites reproduce and are always female. They deposit about 70 unfertilized eggs at a time in a safe environment.

Mite Control Services in Lower Mainland  survive the winter as eggs and hatch in the early spring, according to tradition. The new generation of mites goes into warm-weather hibernation over the summer, and another generation is created in the fall.

How Do Mites Infest Home or Property?

  • If you have any abundance of dampness in your home, waste issues, or buildup around or under your establishment, you risk pulling in Mites.
  • Mites are pulled into all wood. In this way, your outlining, arranging and any outside kindling are generally interesting to them
  • Mites can enter your home or business through the littlest of breaks or openings

Are Mites Dangerous?

Mites are the one who causes most of the damage. Mite Infestation can cause major problems and destroy the entire construction of your home or business. Once mites invade your house, they are very hard to get rid of. Anticipations are important for controlling mites and keeping them out of your home.

Mites are one of the most hazardous pest infestations that may occur in a house. They won’t sting you, bite you, contaminate your food, or spread illness like other pests. Mites, on the other hand, can do serious damage to your home’s structure. They chip away at the wood of your house quietly and behind the scenes. Frequently, the harm they do is to the property’s structural features. Mites may be tough to exterminate after they have contaminated your property. All of these factors combine to make mites a harmful insect that you should try to avoid at all costs. Mites pose a threat to your house since they are tough to exterminate. Mite infestations are more difficult to eradicate than other pest infestations. The procedure necessitates a degree of knowledge and equipment that can only be obtained from a professional. Call ASM Pest Control, a mite specialist who gives a warranty on their services so you can be confident you’re getting the best service available.

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ASM Pest Control offers great Mite Control services, by viably arranging and treating the suitable regions where mite provinces might be settled. You can have confidence your mite issue will be controlled successfully.

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