A cockroach is one of the most common and dreaded pests found in residential and commercial areas. No matter what type of pest, they’re all checking out for food and water sources which they will easily find in your home. With years of experience in cockroaches control, we have managed to earn a reputation for delivering customer satisfied services.

Cockroaches, in particular, are in search of a warm, humid climate and attracted to:

  • Dirty dishes in the sink
  • Crumbs on the floors
  • Garbage
  • Pet food
  • Leftover food in empty containers
  • Excess moisture

Now, you must be wondering how these troublemakers enter your house.

Here Are Some Ways by Which They Enter:

1. Cracks and crevices

Even though cockroaches can be quite significant, some species can still go through 1/16 inch wide cracks and holes!

2. Holes in vents and pipes

Cockroaches can easily get in through breakage in pipes and vents. Make sure you get it repaired.

3. Drainage

Cockroaches are smart enough to crawl in and out of canals and pipes; this is especially the case in residential buildings where drainage pipes are used as a way between apartments.

4. Cracks in Exterior Walls

This means that any openings at the base of a building or on the outside walls are an open invitation to cockroaches. All the other gaps around pipes, windows, openings, allow the cockroaches to get in.

5. Crumpled Cardboard and Newspaper

Cockroaches are attracted to the paper for very specific reasons. They communicate with each other through the chemical pheromones they produce.

Here Are Some Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Cockroaches Control:

The easiest way to keep cockroaches away from your home is to keep it clean. Make sure you do the following:

  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Don’t leave water or food out for the whole day.
  • Keep garbage in a closed plastic trash can and throw it away every day.
  • Repair leaking taps and pipes.
  • Don’t let dirty dishes build up, especially overnight.
  • Regular cleaning often helps remove food debris and eggs from insects.
  • Traps, including gum traps, can help you monitor cockroach populations and locations so you know where to focus your efforts. You can also get different traps in the market.
  • Don’t keep piles of newspapers indoors or around the house. Instead, get it recycled.
  • Opt for professional pest control.

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