With summer in the sky, you may be going stir crazy at home, eager to start caring for your yard with love and care. Maintaining a beautiful backyard is essential, especially in the Lower Mainland, where natural landscapes are not as easily available as they are in other parts of Canada. Keeping a well-kept lawn and garden is a hobby enjoyed by many individuals, not only green thumbs! This is because gardening is soothing, and caring for plants may have a great effect on the brain!

As a result, nothing is more aggravating than the existence of pests in your yard. A single virus may devastate all of your hard work and precise caring. Pests can not only harm the development of your plants, but they can also make it difficult for you and your guests to genuinely relax and unwind on the back patio with a pleasant refreshing drink.

Wasps  in the Lower Mainland are a problem that we get numerous calls to remove from our clients’ yards each summer because of their ability to hurt and, in some cases, kill humans. So, without further ado, here are our top ideas for reducing your chances of encountering a wasp  in the Lower Mainland infestation this summer:

Monitor the Situation

That’s excellent if you’re certain you don’t have any wasps in your yard right now! Nest construction, on the other hand, can begin as early as April. As a preventative, you should evaluate your yard on a frequent basis, including railings, furniture, overhangs, gutters, and other structures, to ensure that no new nests form. If you detect a fresh nest of wasp eggs anywhere on your property, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, if the nest is little and the queen bee is gone foraging, you can tread on it.
  2. Next, if your nest is larger, wait until the day is cool enough to knock it off its perch while fully protecting your body.

Visitors Should Be Overlooked

If you don’t have a wasp infestation  in the Lower Mainland in your yard but still wish to reduce wasp visits, you can take the following precautions:

  1. Never, ever leave fruit outside.
  2. Close your compost and waste bins firmly.
  3. Wasps can easily sneak through the vent of a container and sting you if you don’t look before sipping, so drink from cups rather than bottles.
  4. If you don’t look before sipping, wasps can easily slide through the spout of a container and sting you, so drink from glasses rather than containers.
  5. Napkins should be used to cover all food consumed on your patio.
  6. Make a wasp bottle trap out of plastic.

What to AVOID

Now that we’ve covered a number of strategies to safeguard your valuable garden and backyard from wasps, here are a few more things you should avoid while dealing with wasps  in the Lower Mainland:

  • Rather than attempting to deconstruct a large nest with your own, contact a pest control company like us.
  • Pouring boiling water on a ground nest is not a good idea because the entryway is generally lower than the inhabited region.
  • Pouring flammable substances on a ground nest might harm the soil.
  • Do not try to destroy your nest with a shop-vac; this will not work.

Why ASM?

ASM Pest Control‘s specializes in offering economical, professional, and successful Wasp Control for Lower Mainland residences! Working with us is a terrific alternative for all of your pest removal requirements. Call us today for a free quotation and bid farewell to bees, wasps, and yellow jackets in the Lower Mainland!