It is essential to maintain vigilance if one wishes to get rid of bedbugs before the point where they become a big problem. Bed bug control in Lower Mainland, whether it be residential or commercial, needs to be on the lookout for possible indicators of bed bugs at all times. This is especially important if you own a company that could suffer financial losses due to these widespread pests.

Bedbug Symptoms That Are Easy to Spot

Bedbugs can be identified by their characteristic indications very easily. For instance, if you wake up with itching pimples, discover blood on your pillow, or discover shed bedbug skins, there is a significant likelihood that you have a problem with bedbugs. These signs indicate an infestation of bedbugs more frequently than any others.

However, these are not the only indications that you may have bedbugs. The responsibility of determining whether or not there are bedbugs in an area where there are no beds falls mostly on commercial properties. In addition, homeowners in Lower Mainland may have the impression that they have bedbugs despite the fact that they might not necessarily notice all of the other evident indications. At such times it is extremely necessary to get the situation judged by an expert in bed bug control in Lower Mainland.

Four Unusual Indications of Bed Bugs

There are a few other indications that you or your personnel might pay attention to in order to determine whether or not you should contact a bed bug treatment control in Lower Mainland firm to come to your property. These things are less prevalent and do not always indicate the presence of bedbugs.

  1. Bedbugs’ Scent Glands emit a Musty Odor; while a few bedbugs are not likely to produce much of a scent, a larger infestation may allow you to notice bedbug odor, which is a musty smell that bedbugs release from their scent glands. Bedbugs are more likely to make a scent when there are a lot of them. Bedbug sniffing dogs, often known as K9 bedbug inspections, have an easier time locating insects thanks to their musty odor. These sniffers are easily available with companies of bed bug control in Lower Mainland.
  2. Pests that feast on bedbugs are common, and humans are a treat for them. The problem is that many pests, like house centipedes, consider bedbugs a tasty treat. Centipedes in the home are most commonly discovered in damp locations like the kitchen or bathroom, but they can also appear in other rooms. Bedrooms are likely to contain bed bugs if you keep finding them there.
  3. Bedbugs release droppings that look like rusty dirt. When they are close to your bed, it could be a little easier to notice them. However, when inside your trims and in the cracks and corners of your wall, the droppings may look more like rust stains or mold. This is because these areas are more humid. There is still a chance that those are indications of bedbugs.
  4. Although it’s not as common, being in close quarters with a bedbug might clearly indicate an infestation. Bedbugs, for instance, may go to surrounding sites in search of food, so if one apartment building has them, there is a higher likelihood that there may be bedbugs in your vicinity as well. It’s more likely that if you find bedbugs in one place, you’ll find them in another, especially in densely populated areas like apartment buildings and office complexes.


Although these could result from any number of problems, they are sometimes indicative of an infestation of bedbugs. Teaming up with a specialist bed bug control in Lower Mainland firm, such as ours here at ASM Pest Control, is the best way to be certain. Get in touch with us right away so we can get going.