An infestation of unwanted bugs in your residence can cause a number of problems that should be addressed immediately. Damage to the apartment’s wiring, plumbing, and other structural aspects can be caused by pests. Having to fix electrical or plumbing problems is not only risky, but can also be very expensive. Allergies, illnesses, and skin irritations are just some of the health problems that pests can trigger. If you’re having pest problems in your rental, it’s a good idea to review your lease to discover who’s responsible for fixing the problem. Having that information at your disposal will allow you to make the most prudent choice.


Something to Think About

The first step you should do if you notice an insect or pest problem in your flat is to contact your landlord. Your landlord will need to know if the pest problem you’re experiencing started outside your unit or has spread beyond your unit in order to safeguard the building as a whole. Moths and bedbugs are just two examples of fast-spreading pests that can swiftly infest many apartments and cause problems for you and your neighbors. Your landlord may contact ASM Pest Control for an inspection if they feel the situation merits it and have pest control in Burnaby done. There are steps you may take after alerting your landlord to a pest problem to lessen its severity and prevent it from spreading.


Do-It-Yourself Methods

  • Maintain A Tidy Environment

Food scraps, oil, and grease left lying around are all things that pests love to feast on. Use of a disinfectant wipe to clean meals and grease residues from tables, counters, and other surfaces will help deter pests. When you do the dishes right after you use them, you can maintain the sink neat and tidy. To keep insects from getting into your food supply, store it in the fridge in an airtight container. Trash must be disposed of in an orderly fashion, which includes ensuring that trash bags are tightly sealed and that garbage is emptied on a regular basis.

  • Fix Any Moisture Or Leaking Issues

Wet and humid conditions are a magnet for a wide variety of pests. Little, easily-repaired leaks should be addressed as soon as feasible. If there are any major leaks or widespread water damage, you should contact your landlord about scheduling water damage mitigation.

  • Close All Potential Points Of Entry

Pests can easily enter your residence through the tiniest of crevices, including those surrounding doors and windows. Maintaining an airtight seal around your apartment’s windows and doors will do more than just keep the bugs out.

  • Get In Touch With A Professional

The experts at ASM Pest Control can help if you are obligated for pest management in your flat per your lease. We will not only check and evaluate your property thoroughly, but we will also recommend a course of action to eliminate and prevent future insect problems. If we discover that the insect problem affects more than just your unit, we will coordinate with your building’s manager to eliminate the threat to the entire complex.



It is our mission to give apartment residents security and freedom from pests, regardless of whether you are a landlord or a renter. Call us today to arrange an inspection if you live in an apartment building and need pest control in Burnaby.