Cockroaches are the epitome of resilience, adaptability, and hardiness. They can make do with little, and you can probably guess which insect will outlive the rest of us in the event of a nuclear war. Cockroaches may keep moving for quite some time after having their heads cut off, thanks to their antennae. It appears that cockroaches will eventually become the dominant species on Earth. Cockroaches are a problem everywhere, including in Coquitlam, and it might be unsettling to watch one scurrying over clean floor tiles.

But are professional Pest Control Services in Coquitlam actually necessary? Indeed, sadly. Human diseases, germs, and worms are all spread by cockroaches. They bring germs on their bodies and legs from the moist dirt and sewers they traversed on their way to your spotless home, which they then deposit on food or food preparation surfaces. Even worse, they can trigger asthma attacks by accumulating allergens in piles of roach faeces, secretions, and carcasses.


Identifying Cockroaches

When it comes to cockroach extermination in Coquitlam, what is the only kind we have encountered?

German Cockroach – These roaches measure about half an inch in length and are predominantly dark with black longitudinal stripes down their thorax. The presence of food, moisture, and heat make apartments, restaurants, residences, and supermarkets great breeding grounds for these nocturnal insects. They eat anything. They’ll eat everything from the gum on a stamp to a leaf. Females produce a clutch of 18-48 eggs every 20-25 days. Cockroaches can develop from juveniles to adults in just 36 days, and once an adult, they can live for another year. A female cockroach can lay up to a million eggs over her lifespan, according to studies.


Identifying Infestation

These pests will come inside your home while everyone else is asleep to scavenge for food. They appear from damp and warm places like the spaces under the sink and the floor, the motors of large appliances, and even the backs of refrigerators. Even if you can’t see the actual roaches, you may still see evidence of them, such as faces or egg casings. In addition, a severe infestation may emit a musty odour that is unpleasant to the human nose.


Roach infestations are notoriously difficult to treat at home. However, the most effective method of cockroach control in Coquitlam is maintaining a clean and well-maintained residence. Cockroaches can also be controlled using a variety of other means in Coquitlam, including:

  • Vacuuming
  • Surveillance
  • Programmatic Baiting
  • Filling up the Gaps

Cockroach infestations can be greatly diminished, and in some cases totally eradicated, with the use of some everyday household items.


Getting Help From Expert Pest Control Service Provider

Cockroaches are adaptable and resilient, so they will likely resist your attempts to eradicate them. If you have young children, you should avoid buying anything over-the-counter. What is the best method for getting rid of cockroaches in Coquitlam, according to the experts? We usually ask homes to get rid of things like pet food bowls, dishwashers, and trash cans that could attract pests. The next step is to check the furniture for damage and fill any gaps. We have placed traps in any and all likely hiding places for cockroaches. However, our experts provide case-by-case specifics regarding the exact plan. For cockroach control in Coquitlam and other pest removal services, contact ASM Pest Control.