As soon as the sun is scorched, every living existence quenches thirst; so do ants. In the hot summer season, ants are likely to invade several households across Canada that might be a concern heading over a year long. Many people seek help towards pest control, especially for ant’s elimination onset of warmer weather. If you face an infestation in your household which is my you need ant control Ant removal services and removal services in Vancouver, Richmond and British Columbia area.

What Drives Ants to Prefer Summer?

  • Elevated warmth: Rising heat can trigger ants to be active.
  • Food stockpiling: In terms of food storage, they seek leftover food sources.
  • Humidity: They search for inside chill and moist regions.
  • Water: Usually, anthills can survive for a while without food, but the scarcity of water can turn them fatal.
  • Reproduction and growth: Summer is the ideal time for queen ants to breed since it is the best time for their survival.

Food invites hunting ants who enter households in search of leftovers, grease spills, or other sources. They adhere to structures via cracks in the walls or bases and small gaps that commonly emerge where molding or plumbing links the foundation and have the potential to rapidly breach homes to build a colony in quest of food. If you find any such sign you need ant removal services.

Why Do You Need Ant Removal and Extermination?

Ants get attracted to outdoor materials like wood piles, logs, fences, deck constructions, and indoor materials like beams, shafts, and structural timber. The district, through wood and over time, a sizable ant colony can develop tunnels that could jeopardize the whole wooden structure in vast numbers and many intricate ways. They dig big heaps that spread over the ground and harm both gardens and lawns, which consume and violently demolish plant matter, hindering their growth. They can potentially cause health hazards to individuals and animals. Many ants like the fire ant, bulldog ant, and bullet ant may carry deadly diseases from which the pharaoh ants can carry and spread pathogens like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, etc. Clostridium and Streptococcus that release toxins that might induce asthma-like disease. Several species have fangs that are potent enough to bite through human skin, but majority cannot. You can either opt for DIY to remove ants or call a pest control professional.

How to Get Rid of Ants?

There are some smells that ants are not fond of like Chalk, Peppermint, and Lavender, Cinnamon, Garlic, Orange, Lemon, or Grape citrus fruits, Vinegar, Coffee grounds, Tea tree, Corn flour, Detergent sprays and Diatomaceous earth. Also you can go for some house plants which will block ants from invading your house like basil, marigold, lavender, mint, etc.

How Can You Use These Smells to Avoid Ants?

  • Prepare a repellant mist using essential oils and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Use candles and reeds impellers.
  • Cultivate ant-repelling plants.
  • Do use your selected smell source to splatter a border of droplets.
  • Cotton balls coated in the smells kept in the corners or gaps.

Tips for Ant Prevention in Vancouver

Regardless of the climate, they are always unwelcomed visitors in the dwellings. Here are some tips for ant removal and extermination that need to be taken care of to avoid the outbreak.

  • Get rid of the food source
  • Routinely vacuum rugs, carpets, and floors
  • Cleanup the remains of your pet food immediately after feeding
  • Eliminate water sources around your home
  • Block gaps or cracks
  • Regular checks on houseplants and outdoor plants for infestation
  • Draw chalk lines on ants entry points
  • Keep your indoors and outdoors clean
  • Fix leaks under the sink
  • Don’t use store-bought pesticides in the kitchen since you prepare and store food there.
  • Know who to call? ASM Pest control: 604-589-5403

Why ASM Pest Control?

Insects such as ants and many can wreak havoc on your house or business. So, not only do ASM Pest control help with ants, but we also provide pest control services for other insects from invading your property for safe and hygienic living.