Because of the significant annoyance and disruption they can cause to daily life, it is essential to have bedbugs effectively controlled by a company of pest control Coquitlam. Bedbugs and other pests thrive in warm temperatures since that’s where they spend most of their time.

While it’s true that many other types of pests can damage your house, do have the name of bedbugs. Because of how little they are, dealing with them might be challenging. They can conceal themselves in crevices as narrow as a sheet of paper. Plus, they can go without eating and yet be well. While they are most active at night, bedbugs pose a threat 24/7.

Is it challenging to spot bedbugs?

Bedbugs are difficult to spot in their early stages due to their nocturnal lifestyle. If a bedbug infestation is still in its early stages, you can eliminate it using home remedies. But, if the infestation has spread, you may need professional bed bug control Coquitlam or fumigation services.

Controlling bedbugs entails inspecting all potential hiding spots for the pests using chemical and mechanical methods. Some of the reasons why bedbug control is essential for your homes and buildings are below.

Bedbug control helps to avoid health problems

Although bedbugs are not popular to spread disease to humans, they must feed on human blood to mature into adulthood. They may live off the blood of insects or mammals, but human blood is their preferred food source. They like to feed on human blood and leave itchy, red pimples on the hands, face, neck, and arms.

Bed bug bites aren’t fatal. However, if left untreated, they can cause serious health problems like insomnia, itchy skin, allergic reactions, and anaemia. All of these potential health problems can be avoidable, but only if you control the bedbugs properly.

Bedbugs control protect the beauty of your interiors

Infestations can quickly get out of control since female bedbugs produce over 500 eggs annually. Bed bugs will infest the soft furnishings like couches and chairs. They can be conceal in almost any fabric or material, including carpets, rugs, bookcases, wardrobes, couches, paintings, and baseboards.

Stopping the exponential growth of bedbug populations inside a home or building property requires effective bedbug control.

Gets peaceful sleep during the night without any interference

While a bedbug bite won’t kill you, they’re a major nuisance and can trigger considerable emotional distress. Stress, unease, and worry can all occur during the nighttime routine with bedbug bites.

Effective bedbug control is essential for a good night’s sleep, free from the interruption of these tiny parasites.


At least once a year, you should do a thorough bed bug inspection. If you have a bedbug infestation, you can call ASM Pest Control Coquitlam for expert assistance using cutting-edge technology and methods. If you’re attentive in learning more about our bed bug extermination services, please call or schedule an appointment through our website.