House files are a nuisance pest that can be found inside the homes and around the house premises. They can be a potential threat to human health given the fact they can spread bubonic disease like malaria, lymphoid, fever. They are also capable of transmitting pathogens when they come in contact with bodily fluids.

Flies having a short life can reproduce quickly. Therefore, it’s necessary to take precautions to keep their population under control by following these steps.

Below Mentioned Are the Tips to House Flies:

1. Keep Garbage Can clean: Flies larvae are commonly found around the surface of the garbage cans since they get attracted by the odour of the food leftover in it. Keeping the lids tight and away from their reach will prevent the flies from coming to the cans.

2. Repair the windows: Open windows and their broken screens are easy to access for flies to enter inside the house. Repair window screens, their panes, and also installing mesh screens are a method to keep them away.

3. Use of Sprays: There are various sprays that can be used to kill the house flies. These sprays are highly chemical and should be applied from a distance, and foremost, keeping animals and small away from the proximity of its reach.

4. Insect Traps: They are devices that have been designed to kill flies. The device can be placed anywhere in the house, and it naturally emits the carbon dioxide filled in it to allures the flies, and when the flies get trapped into the device, they die within a day.

5. Don’t over-water plants: Never water the plants beyond their capacity because soil neither drains too quickly to too slow and thus takes time to absorb the water. As a result, this saturated soil develops an ideal breeding ground for the flies.

Above mentioned are the methods to be used to avoid flies in your home. If you have a fly invasion, give a call to our experts at ASM Pest Control.