Rat & Mice Control

Perhaps you have caught a glimpse of one, a blur of gray or black dashing across your peripheral vision. Sometimes, you can tell where they’ve been by the greasy marks or droppings they leave behind. You can count on it: rat infestation! Don’t freak out. First, call in the rat control Vancouver pros who make their living fighting rodent invasions: rat removal experts.

You can, however, rest easy knowing that there are measures you can do to both stop further infestations and, if necessary, eradicate the rats. In the same way that no home security system is completely foolproof, all you need to do to protect yourself is make your residence a less attractive target than the residences in your immediate vicinity.

Keeping rodents out of your home: But how is it possible?

Making your Vancouver property less welcoming to rats will deter new ones from moving in and may even help you eliminate the ones you already have. Infestations occur when rats find favorable conditions for living; thus, eradicating these conditions will help alleviate the problem in the long run.

There must be a steady supply of food, water, and a safe hiding place for rats to call a region home. If you remove these potential food and shelter sources, rats may reconsider calling your place home. It would help to clean the area around and touch your home, removing any plants, wood, and other waste.

Clear out any sheds or outbuildings to ensure no hiding place for rats. Remember that rats may squeeze through openings as tiny as an inch, so inspect your home’s exterior for cracks and openings where they could get entry. This includes spaces under doors and in brickwork. Rats can be kept out of your home by purchasing flexible seals to place beneath doorways.

Use metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids, and store dry goods in resealable containers rather than single-use plastic bags. Keeping rats away in the first place is your most effective weapon, so make sure to use all of these measures.

So, what is an instant killer for rats?

A snap trap is the only reliable and humane way to kill a rat instantaneously. To kill rats with poison can take up to a week, and other traps will fail to kill the rodents quickly and cause them great pain.

When set off, a snap trap instantly and fatally strikes the animal in the head, preventing more pain or distress. The presence of other animals or young children makes these traps very risky.


Preventative approaches are the most effective way to eliminate the rat problem. When those methods are ineffective, though, rat removal Vancouver services might step in to aid. You should not feel bad about needing help for a rat problem. However, you should do what is best for you and your loved ones and contact experts as soon as possible to investigate and resolve the problem.