Getting ready to perform bed bug control Surrey in your house? One of the most important things tenants and homeowners can do to increase the possibility of a successful bed bug extermination is to get ready for treatment.

Preparation for treating and inspecting for bed bugs varies in terms of the specific actions to take and regulations that must be met. You may help your exterminator do a better job by taking these broad measures.


Take everything out from under the bed and look it over. Second, remove any sheets and linens from your beds, cots, sleeper sofas, cribs, and any other places you sleep and wash them as needed.

Beds should have their mattresses and box springs removed and stacked against a wall. Keep open any beds, sofa beds, or cots that fold up.

Floors and walls

Make sure the floor is apparent in all places which you are treating. De-cluttering makes it easier for the exterminator to do their job. It also makes it harder for bed bugs to find a spot to hide.

Remember to clean up the apartment by vacuuming. Focus on cleaning up the upholstery and using a crevice tool to clean in places like behind baseboards. Remember to throw away the used Hoover bag after you finish using it.

Bed bugs are more likely to be present in mattresses and box springs. However, they have been visible much behind picture frames and mirrors. Be sure to check the crevices in your walls for evidence of bed bugs. Report any you find to your exterminator hired from ASM Pest Control Surrey.

Cabinets and storage

Move the furniture to a distance of two feet from the ceiling, floor, and walls. The exterminator will get help in treating those inaccessible spots where bed bugs tend to congregate.

You should unload everything and check what’s inside. Books should be left stacked in one area, but not against any walls or in the way of traffic patterns.

Closet including the floor, the shelves, and drawers

Put everything from your desk’s drawers on the top. Clear out the entire closet, including the floor, the shelves, and the drawers. Wash everything in a washing machine. Keep all bags and suitcases open so pest control agents can inspect them.

Electronics can usually be left in the house. Make sure you turn them off. Like everything else, they need to be stored vertically, away from the floor and the wall.


Make plans to remove all animals, including birds and reptiles, from the premises for at least 24 hours.

Empty, wash, and cover your pet’s food and water dishes after each use. Be sure to give your pet’s bedding the same thorough cleaning you give your own. There should be no fish tanks in the house while the service is being performed.


Most families invest between one and three days in getting ready to treat for bed bugs. Do not take any belongings with you when you leave the property on the day of your pest control Surrey.

A second treatment may be necessary for about two weeks to kill any bed bug nymphs that may have emerged after the initial treatment.