Indoor stinky bugs are really in during the fall, before winters. These marmorated bugs look for a comfortable overwintering area for the cold months. No matter how hard one tries, they find some or the other way to enter our house. Even though these bugs stink, it does not mean that they are dangerous. But, they are surely a nuisance at home. So, you need bugs control services provider.

Here Are Some Steps to Get Rid of Bugs:

1. Do Not Squish Them

This is the most common and immediate reaction whenever you see a bug. Your instant reaction tells you to squish it and especially if the bug is in your house already. Later, you regret and find it really disturbing due to its odor or unpleasant smell. Therefore, resist your instincts to squish those bugs on the spot.

2. Do Not Use a Vacuum

Even vacuuming is not the answer too. Do not even think of trying this as your vacuum canister will stink like those stinky bugs or the entire vacuum will have an odor in it. And, if you are thinking to use a bag less vacuum, it is a bad idea. The stinky bugs will leave the disgusting smell behind, although there won’t be any residue.

3. Sweep Them

Careful way to get rid o bugs and the smell is to sweep them with the help of a broom and a dustpan. Collect them precisely in a plastic bag and throw them out. If the temperature outside is freezing, then leaving them outside will be sufficient. The sooner you get them out of your house, the higher chances to avoid unpleasant smell.

4. Prevent Others from Coming in

Once the bugs have entered you can carry several methods. However, your first step should be to prevent entry of such odor spreading bugs. Thus, if you take the precautionary measures, you can cease their entry into your house.

  • Seal the cracks in windows, door frames, and attics.
  • Usage of door sweeps
  • Examine windows for repairs

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