Pests commonly seen in restaurants, hotels, and food-related businesses include rodents, cockroaches, and ants. Furthermore, the presence of bedbugs in the couch, upholstered furnishings, and carpets might have an affect on your clients. In short, whether it’s your house or your office, bug infestations can ruin your first impression on visitors. Having pests on your property not only harms your image but also your employees’ health. Pests never are on a break. While the types of pests vary from season to season, they are a year-round hazard for commercial office buildings. Thus, it is necessary for you to hire expert pest control in Burnaby to keep your commercial space clean and pest-free. 

Here are some ways you can make your premises pest-free: 

  • Keeping the office area clean at all times is the first step in proper pest control management. This can be accomplished in your office by enforcing standards for good waste management, food handling, and frequent cleaning by staff or hired professional cleaners.
  • Leaky pipes and drainage systems serve as a food and water supply for bugs. Even rodents and roaches can enter through an exposed drain. To avoid bugs, plumbing fixture maintenance is required.
  • If your Burnaby office has indoor plants, ensure they are watered on a daily or weekly basis. Plants should be aired, trimmed, and maintained on a regular basis to keep diseases and pests at bay. If not properly maintained, these might create a home for insects. 
  • When performing facility maintenance, don’t forget to include the building’s outside, especially if you have a significant outdoor space for gardens, parking spots, and other facilities. If not adequately maintained, these places can become a haven for a variety of pests. 
  • As the days become shorter, the number of pests seeking protection indoors grows. Rodents and ants, like in Autumn, are looking for a way in, so make sure your building is well-sealed over the winter. 
  • Many offices have warehouses, stockrooms, and storage areas for random products that are not frequently used. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, mites, bugs, and others can live in these rooms. To get rid of cockroaches, pest control in Burnaby will need to investigate such seldom-used areas in the business to see if there are any hiding places or breeding grounds that you have not yet discovered.
  • Even if the majority of your staff dine out, you should have a kitchen and dining room in the workplace. It will be easier to clear up leftover food if you concentrate your efforts in one location, and this will also enforce discipline on staff, discouraging them from eating in their respective work zones.

There are several pests, and some of them become violent when you attempt to eliminate them. It is preferable to hire specialists by contacting pest control in Burnaby. These licensed pest control specialists offer business pest elimination services, so that your office/ business remains pest-free and the health of workers and clients does not get affected adversely.