You’ll know it’s time to hire a bed bug control Surrey exterminator when you hear the pitter-patter of little feet in the attic or see rusty stains on your bedsheets.

It may be necessary to continue treating certain pests, such as termites and bed bugs, to permanently eliminate the infestation and prevent it from returning. If you commit to a regular servicing plan, you can reduce the cost of each visit.

The cost to get rid of the pests in your home will depend largely on the type of pest, the intensity of the infestation, and the eradication method you choose. This article will discuss the various prices associated with pest management.

Regular monthly or quarterly treatments for pests

Monthly treatments may be necessary to get rid of and prevent the return of a major infestation of pests that reproduce quickly and in large numbers. In most cases, an exterminator will only recommend monthly treatments until the infestation is complete.

The time you need to continue monthly treatments and the sort of insect you have are both variables. Treatments are typically required once each month for up to six months. Biannual contracts for monthly treatment are common among pest control companies. This will be requiring commitments of only six months rather than a full year.

Most pest control specialists recommend quarterly visits for the typical home. Exterminators’ insecticides only have a limited shelf life. So it’s best to have a new treatment every three months (every quarter of the year) to keep the existing pest problem at bay and avoid future infestations.

Pests change their habits throughout the year; therefore, treatments every three months are ideal. Depending on the type of pest, reproduction might occur in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Each season calls for a new round of pesticides to keep the yearly onslaught of bugs at bay.

How to pick an exterminator service a pest control?

Your research into local Surrey pest control services can begin with the knowledge of the average cost of hiring an exterminator. Get at least three price estimates before making a final hiring decision.

Remember that the best value does not necessarily mean the lowest price. Verify that the pest control service you hire is properly licenced and certified and that those credentials are current.

You should also check Google or another independent website (not the company’s own) for positive customer reviews. Although a company’s quality tends to increase over several years of operation, young and seasoned businesses can disappoint.

You should hire an exterminator who specialises in getting rid of your specific pest. This, however, may only sometimes be a viable option. Any issue you have should be manageable for general exterminators with licences, positive customer evaluations, and lots of experience.


Ingesting or being exposed to most pesticides will cause severe illness or irritation in your dogs. Get the lowdown from your exterminator on the precise chemicals they employ so you can prepare.

Your bed bug removal Surrey exterminator may be able to recommend a safe method for your pet. Keep pets away from the area of application as much as possible.