Cockroaches  are a widespread nuisance in the Lower Mainland and throughout the globe. You may see an unusual roach and not be alarmed, but possibilities are there are many roaches where there is one. Because roaches are diurnal, you may have a cockroach infestation in the Lower Mainland  and be unaware of it for a prolonged period. You may get a head start on the infestation and save energy/cost by detecting cockroach hiding areas and eliminating them as soon as feasible.   

Roaches like damp, humid, and soggy environments. They also want to have convenient exposure to food. Consequently, there are possibly numerous locations in our houses that precisely match these preferences. The following are some of the most prevalent roach hiding spots to look for. We will also share some recommendations for cockroach control in Lower Mainland for each neighborhood.



Kitchens are one of the most typical areas to discover roaches since there is an almost limitless amount of roach food in the shape of crumbs, spills, oil, garbage, and other debris. Cabinetry, pantries, and beneath appliances are frequently the most troublesome spots. Using a flashlight, thoroughly inspect the backs of cabinets, the undersides of drawers, beneath the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, and in the pantry.



Have you ever splurged on anything while writing a report or drafting an email on your laptop? We’ve seen it all. Crumbs and other food particles can, unfortunately, become caught between and beneath your keys. Some roach species are tiny enough to squirm through holes in the keyboard, allowing them to establish a home in your computer. Set away from your electronics while you eat and use compressed air to keep keyboards clean to make them less tempting to cockroaches.



Pipes that run throughout your home are usually found in gloomy spots, such as the basement or under sinks. Combine that darkness with moisture from drips or leaks, and you’ve created a cockroach paradise. Do you want roaches to feel unwelcome? Check drains, pipelines, and faucets on a regular basis to ensure there are no drips or leaks. Seal any fractures or holes near plumbing that goes outside to provide roaches and fewer entry sites.



You’re not the only one who thinks the couch is comfortable. Roaches will occasionally congregate on your couch, especially if you tend to spill when snacking and watching movies. Worse, cockroaches may lay eggs in and on your furniture. Help avoid this by cleaning upholstered furniture regularly on a regular basis and examining wooden furniture for egg casings that need to be removed.


Crannies and Compartments:

Houses and apartments contain numerous gaps and crevices that can serve as great cockroach hideouts in the Lower  Mainland. These can include baseboards and trim, the backs of picture frames, and areas where recycling has accumulated. You may avoid roach infestations in these places by removing debris piles that may attract roaches. Additionally, examine your property to ensure that all cracks are sealed and that your baseboards and trim are flush.


Prevention Suggestions:

Keep cockroaches in Lower Mainland at bay by cleaning and washing down kitchen shelves and drawers on a regular basis. To help pick up all the crumbs, use a vacuum with a hose attachment. It is also critical to properly preserve your food. Use glass or sturdy plastic containers that the roaches cannot enter.


Under sinks and other spaces with plumbing lines and fixtures are also ideal habitats for roaches. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen sinks, basements, and crawl tunnels are examples of damp habitats.


Prevention Suggestions:

 Excess moisture is a significant attractant for roaches, so make sure your home doesn’t have any leaky pipes or faucets. If you discover a leak, repair it as quickly as feasible. Outside of your house, pipes can also be a source of concern. Builders frequently scrimp on the exterior of homes and fail to adequately seal the spots where pipes enter the residence. To keep roaches out, fill any crevices and gaps with caulk and expanding spray foam. Make an effort to keep your storage room neat and tidy. This means that you may need to clean and deep clean the space on a regular basis. You should also think about better storage options. Instead of utilizing cardboard boxes, which are ideal roach habitats, try switching to plastic containers, which will keep roaches out and help avoid damage to your things.


Contact ASM Pest Control: 

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