Certain events can turn out to be more thrilling than buying a home, and several procedures must be followed to ensure the process runs swiftly. Beyond any minor adjustments required, one should perhaps prefer to make your new home a safe and hygienic space to reside. Pest infestation that is evident or non-evident should be also one of the crucial concerns to consider. 

To prevent being stuck with hefty fixes after the sale is closed, prospective buyers should always seek a pest inspection by a qualified pest control professional. ASM Pest control offers a range of Pest Services to prevent your soon-to-be residual from a long-term expense on pests infestation.

A standard ASM pest home inspection examines the structural framework of a property from the rooftop to the bedrock, seeking evident indicators of pest damage and perhaps even circumstances that encourage infestations, like cracks, openings, and dampness. The pest control professional will then generate a home pest control assessment and make a recommendation for the purpose of determining an implementation plan. When examining a new home, take a lookout for the following aspects which might indicate an undetected pest infestation:

  1. Dirt tunnels on the facade of the home that acts as a food source for pests 
  2. Hollow-sounding brittle wood in the premises
  3. Sawdust-like little clumps of excrement
  4. Swarmers can be identified by the presence of debris feathers near doorways or on walls and ceilings
  5. Blistered wooden timber
  6. Piles of firewood stacked against the house
  7. Due to moisture, clogged gutters can render insulation susceptible
  8. Mulch offers pests both with food and moisture.
  9. Tree branches that interact with the exterior of the property may give pests inroad.

The above-listed indications demonstrate an active pest infestation. As pests can be significantly damaging, homebuyers should take precautions to discover and eliminate infestations before moving in. 

It’s critical to find a particular home pest control inspection regardless of which area of the housing you’re located in. Before a pest infestation becomes an expensive and irreversible condition, we advise a licensed Pest Control professional to examine and treat it. 

Reach out ASM Pest Control before moving into your dream place in Vancouver