When it comes to cockroaches, the unfortunate reality is that they are nearly hard to control. At some point or other, almost every Lower Mainland house and business owner will discover a cockroach in their property. When it comes to tiny cockroaches like the German cockroach, the worst part about them is that when you see one, there are possibly hundreds more you don’t notice. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to avoid an issue from arising in the first place.

Cockroaches are extremely resilient insects that can be difficult to control. They are not only very unclean, but they may also aggravate allergies and asthma. Roaches can be tough to get rid of, although control can be achieved by exclusion, cleanliness, and chemical treatments. 

Cockroach Control: Six step formula 


  • Block Entry Points 

One of the most effective methods to keep cockroaches and other pests out of your home is to seal the exterior of your property. Caulk may be used to fill small cracks and gaps, while expanded spray foam can be used to repair larger holes and openings. The screens and weather-stripping on windows and doors should be in good condition.


  • Maintain a Clean Home 

Cockroaches invade houses looking for food, water, and a safe place to live. Crumbs, litter, and other garbage attract them. Cockroaches will consume almost everything, so keeping your house clean is essential if you want to keep them away. Regularly sweep and vacuum, clean countertops and tables, take away the garbage on a daily basis, and tidy your home.


  • Excess Moisture Must Be Removed

Roaches prefer humid places to live in. They concentrate in moist places such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements when they invade homes. Fixing leaking pipes or faucets, ensuring appropriate drainage around your property, cleaning out gutters and downspouts, using bathroom fans, and using a dehumidifier if necessary can all help to eliminate moisture.


  • Roach Nests: How to Spot Them

It’s time to handle present cockroach problems once you’ve mastered preventative techniques. Cockroaches congregate in “nests,” or clusters of roaches. They build their nests in dark, wet spots that are difficult to find. If you want to get rid of it, you will have to locate their nests. Look out for them in common areas around your house, such as cabinets and drawers, behind appliances, behind furniture, under the sink, in bathrooms, and other locations where you’ve witnessed cockroach activity, with a flashlight.


  • Best Cockroach Control

You may begin treating the roaches once you’ve identified where they like to hide. Roach baits are one of the most efficient methods of roach management. Baits come in a variety of forms, including gels, powders, and stations. Baits should be placed near harborages so that roaches will ingest the poison and then return to their nests. Because cockroaches consume one other’s waste and dead corpses, the poison will swiftly spread throughout their population. Liquid insecticides may be used both indoors and outdoors and can help you get rid of them for good.


Professional pest exterminators can aid you in your efforts if your cockroach control is really extensive or you are dissatisfied with the treatment methods provided. ASM Pest Control has dealt with the best cockroach control and a variety of other pest control in the past. Contact  ASM Pest Control for the quickest and most effective pest services in Surrey, Vancouver, Delta, New Westminster, Richmond, and other areas in Canada.